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Primary Contacts


Mount Michael Benedictine Abbey & School

22520 Mount Michael Road

Elkhorn, NE 68022-3400


Phone: 402.289.2541

FAX: 402.289.4539



Abbot Michael Liebl OSB

Phone Ext 1013
Direct Line: 402.206.2074
email: abbot@mountmichael.org


Head of School

David Peters

Phone Ext. 1004

Direct Line: 402.253.0958

email: dpeters@mountmichael.org


Adminstrative Assistant

Gail Raabe

Phone Ext. 1008

Direct Line 402.253.0957

email: graabe@mountmichael.org


Admissions Director

Jack Pritchard

Phone Ext. 1059

Direct Line: 402.238-1457

email: admissions@mountmichael.org


Activities Director

Derek Spooner

Direct Line 402..206.2093 or Ext. 1034

email: dspooner@mountmichael.org


Camp Director
Jack Pritchard


email: camp@mountmichael.org


Development Director

Kim Volpone

Phone Ext. 1202

Direct Line: 402.253.0964

email: kvolpone@mountmichael.org


Saint Benedict's Gift Shop

Bro. Jerome Kmiecik OSB



Vocation Director

Bro. August Schaefer

email: aschaefer@mountmichael.org



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