Advanced Placement Policy


Specific Advanced Placement Courses are offered in the following subjects: American History, European History, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Calculus, English Language, English Literature and Composition.


These Advanced Placement courses follow the program, syllabus, and procedures as designated by the College Board which sponsors these Advanced Placement opportunities.


The College Board Advanced Placement Examination in the respective subject area is considered an integral part of the Advanced Placement Program. Thus, EVERY STUDENT REGISTERED FOR A SPECIFIC OR DESIGNATED ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSE IS EXPECTED TO TAKE THE ADVANCED PLACEMENT EXAMINATION FOR THAT COURSE, except by contrary recommendation initiated by the course instructor or Advanced Placement Coordinator.


Honors Classes

Honors Classes are equivalent to Advanced Placement in content and preparation with the option to take the AP exam. The following honors classes are also offered as college credit by way of dual enrollment through either Creighton University or Nebraska Wesleyan.  Honors Physics, Honors English Language, Honors French III & IV.  


Spanish III & IV and Academic Decathlon are also designated as Honors Courses.