Computer Science Courses: 

The computer science courses are taught using Mount Michael’s PC’s. The student lab is filled with 25 PC’s which are networked and have Internet access. Each student has his own workspace on the student file server. This network supports Windows XP with Microsoft Office applications. Many other applications are available to enhance students’ learning in the areas of science, math, foreign languages, etc. Students have access to the student lab from 7 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Freshmen KeyboardingKeyboarding/Applications:

This course is an in-depth look at using applications productively and efficiently.  All Freshman are required to take the course. Students spend the first twelve weeks improving keyboarding skills; the goal is to reach 50 wpm with near perfect accuracy.  The rest of the course is devoted to: using the MS Office suite to create professional looking documents and powerful spreadsheets; filtering and harnessing Web 2.0 tools effectively; work, communicate, and connect with people via the web; and create dynamic multimedia presentations using a variety of sources. 


Computer Literacy / Visual Basic:

This course is required of all sophomores. The first quarter covers computer fundamentals such as hardware and software concepts, file management, computer maintenance and computer protection. For the remainder of the course, the students are taught how to write Windows programs using the Visual Basic programming language. 


Cyber Security Fundamentals 

This course will provide students an overview into the field of cyber security. It will focus on several components of computer science.

Topics include cyber security policy, cyber security law, cyber security research, cyber operations, ethical hacking, protocols, cyber architecture, security architecture, digital forensics, intrusion detection, malware, cloud computing, and computer networking. This course will also offer hands on practical and virtual labs.


Advanced Placement Computer Science - JAVA:

This course is an upper level course designed to develop computer programming skills using the Java programming language. Major emphasis is placed on programming methodology, algorithms and data structures with programming applications providing the context in which these subjects are treated. Java is an object-oriented language. The course culminates with the Computer Science Advance Placement exam in May.