Practical Arts


College Planning:

Junior/Senior College Planning is a required course at Mount Michael Benedictine High School. This course aims to bring together the student’s spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth to choose the college which will bring him further growth and development as a person of God.

Drafting I

An introduction to basic drafting terminology and skills. All drawing will be done manually.

Drafting II

(prerequisite Drafting I)Drafting II is the introduction to the AutoCAD Program on the computers. The basic skills in Drafting I will be transferred to the computer and all drawing will be done there. As time permits a quick review of other CAD programs will be included.

Drafting III & IV:

 (prerequisite Drafting I & II)The students will be involved with the Society of American Military Engineers Competition held each year. The entire year will be spent researching and developing a theoretical engineering project that will be presented in a book format as well as an oral presentation before a panel of engineers.


This course gives an introduction to robotics.  Beginning principals will include constructing a rudimentary square robot, developing an understanding of and implementing basic programming, adding sensors and implementing corresponding programming techniques on a more sophisticated level.  An understanding and execution of the engineering design cycle will also be developed in this course.


Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a senior class, which will help students prepared for financial responsibilities after graduation.  This course will focus on budgets, short and long term savings plans, investment options, advantages and disadvantages of debt, with special emphasis on credit cards.

9th Physical Education/Health I:

This course is an overview of health, wellness, and quality of life.  The course will be based on current research in the area of health.  Students will learn to evaluate life decisions, the six components of health, proper nutrition, congenital and transmissible diseases, as well as other areas of concern in health.  Students will also have the opportunity to research and present topics of health concern as they relate to the public and individuals. 


The Physical Education component is an integral part of educating the whole person.  Physical Education I curriculum will concentrate on all areas of physical development.   Classes will stress the importance of student participation, respect, sportsmanship, safety and goal setting while learning and performing a lifetime of skills and activities.  Through exposure to a wide variety of activities, students will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of and be able to make educated decisions about opportunities to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  


10th Physical Education/Health II:

Physical Education II will expand and go more in-depth than PE I.  Classes will continue to stress the importance of student participation, respect, sportsmanship, safety and goal setting while learning and performing a lifetime of skills and activities.  The students will accomplish this by participating in units set up with a intramural emphasis.  The units will work on skill and strategy and put them into practice in season/tournament formats.  The health component of this class will focus on physical fitness.  The importance of it and how much a person needs to help prevent lifestyle diseases. This class will meet 5 days a week with 4 days being Physical Education days and 1 day focused on Health.


Weights and Conditioning:

Weights and Conditioning is a course that will provide students with the opportunity to become more familiar with lifting weights and the benefits that go along with lifting weights.  Students will be instructed on correct technique and safety for lifting and will perform some agility and flexibility training.  The goal of the course is to show the students how to lift properly and set up a program so that they can continue lifting after leaving Mount Michael.