Nomination Committee


Rt. Rev. Raphael Walsh, O.S.B. (Chair)
Rt. Rev. Michael Liebl, O.S.B.



To identify characteristics or areas of expertise for each of the constituent committees of the Mount Michael school board which would most benefit the committee specifically and the board in general (For example, a member of the finance committee should have demonstrated competency in matters financial, preferably with professional experience.).



To develop and maintain an inclusive (inclusive in the sense of representing diverse backgrounds and points of view) list of potential candidates for the board.

To recommend individuals to serve on the school board when vacancies occur.

To create job descriptions for each of the Chair and Vice Chair Committee positions.




Characteristics and Areas of Expertise for Committees of the Mount Michael School Board


1. Executive Committee –
a) Experienced and demonstrated leadership capabilities, career, professional or otherwise.
b) Strong tie to Mount Michael.
c) Strong tie to Omaha community.


2. Finance Committee –
a) Expertise in budget preparation and cost control.
b) Expertise in investment strategies.
c) Experience with financial planning.


3. Recruitment/Retention Committee –
a) Dynamic, engaging personality with a genuine interest in giving students the pleasure and benefit of a Mount Michael education.
b) Experience in a scholastic setting, preferably in secondary education.
c) Familiarity with special characteristics of a boarding school.


4. Development Committee –
a) Strong tie to the professional and philanthropic societies of Omaha, and an ability to create a bond between Mount Michael and the Omaha community.
b) Strong tie to the Catholic community of Omaha.
c) Experience with development in other organizations.


5. Strategic Planning Committee –
a) Knowledge of and insight into the needs and goals of Mount Michael.
b) Experience with strategic planning in other organizations.
c) Capable of formulating strategic goals.


6. Alumni Committee –
a) Alumnus with genuine interest and deep affection for Mount Michael.
b) Desire to promote Mount Michael experience to next generation of students.
c) Enthusiasm to rally fellow alumni to Mount Michael causes.


7. Nomination Committee –
a) Familiar with leaders in the Omaha community.
b) Aware of the needs of the board.
c) Watchful for diversity on the board so as to reach out to all potential segments of Mount Michael supporters.


8. Emeritus Committee –
a) Demonstrated interest in Mount Michael.
b) Ability to partner with Mount Michael without necessarily making a personal time commitment.


9. Monastic Committee –
a) A monk who is capable of speaking the message of monastic life to the board.
b) A monk who is able to represent the views of the abbey to the board.
c) A monk who is in touch with the needs and goals of monastic life.