Strategic Planning Committee


Carolyn Jaworski (Chair)
Jude Beller (Vice Chair)



To make recommendations to the full Board regarding the mission, strategic plan and major programs of the School.




  • To develop and recommend to the Board the school's (5 year?) strategic plan, including a mission statement and a policy describing the Board's role in the strategic planning process.


  • To assist the Director of Admissions and Marketing by speaking with prospective Mount Michael families at events including Open House, Information Nights, etc., or by making personal calls.


  • To keep up-to-date regarding the needs of the School's constituents, trends in private, secondary education and other opportunities to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of the educational opportunities offered at the School.


  • To establish annual goals that serve to implement the school's mission and strategic plan, that meet the needs of the school's constituents and that appropriately allocate financial resources.


  • To monitor the school's performance against measurable targets (e.g., enrollment, financial solvency, student/staff retention and test scores) or progress points (e.g., completing a "business plan" for the school by August 2006, breaking ground for new on-campus sports stadium by 2010).


  • To review and recommend to the Board new programs (or the closure of programs) which are in accord with the School's mission and strategic plan.


  • To monitor private, secondary education needs in the community and review the School's plans and programs to assure they appropriately address such needs.


  • To build relationships and partnerships within the community for the benefit of the School based on the positions and contacts of Board members, school parents and boosters.


  • To develop and create a SWOT analysis annually.


  • To create, and review, a peer institute review of critical data to ensure the School remains competitive in all areas.