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1982 State Football Champion

We’re Number One!!
Michaeleen November/December, 1982 p.2

We have just completed the most successful football season in the history of Mount Michael. Our team was 11-0 and won the Class “B” State Championship.I felt when the year started we would have a fine football team, but winning the State Championship is a little more than I could really visualize. To accomplish that feat, you need many things to happen. You need to stay away from a lot of injuries. In our case Bill Honke, Andy Connolly, and Doug Nowak were lost during the year. When you figure you have 12 weeks of football that is not an alarming number. Somewhere along the line you need some luck. Our first two victories were 7-0, so you could always lose those games. And finally, the most important, you need to be awfully consistent in your play. One loss along the way, and you don’t even make the playoffs. It is to our kids’ credit, they played well every night. I have never coached or seen a team keep getting better and better like this team. Of course, hard work is how you get better in anything.

After completing the regular season, playoffs started. Those were truly exciting games for everyone. We shut out McCook 24-0 in the first game, blanked Lincoln Pius 28-0, in the second game and shut out O’Neill 38-0 in the championship game. Shutting out three teams in the state playoffs was a record. Our defensive line of Al Hageman, Tim Wilcox, Joe Hettinger, Roger Peterson, Kevin McCauley, and Rick Hanna just played tremendous. Backing up the line we had Jeff Jamrog, and David Tamisiea, with Jeff Ciurej, Shane McCann, and Paul McCann in secondary.

Offensively we scored 296 points for the year. Our backfield of Paul McCann, Shane McCann, Clete Menke and Jeff Jamrog was outstanding. I felt it was a versatile offense that could run or pass effectively/ David Johnson replayed Rick Hanna on offense at center.

Winning the State Championship was an exciting and tremendous thing for the school, parents, and fans. I know it is something that I will never forget. As I told the team, “It is not going to change anyone’s life, but it will be a period of time you won’t ever forget and will cherish forever.” – Jim Kane

Championship Highlights
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Record: 11-0
7-0 DC Aquinas
7-0 Wahoo Neumann
17-7 Boys Town
24-12 Om. Cathedral
34-0 Auburn
33-0 Hartington CC
49-0 West Point CC
37-0 Bennington

State Playoffs
23-0 McCook
28-0 Lincoln Pius X
37-0 O’Neill