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1983 State Basketball Champion

Coach Kane Comments
Michaeleen March/April 1983 p.4As I reflect upon our championship basketball seasons, many thoughts go through my mind as to the reasons for the team’s success. Of course, there isn’t one thing, but a multitude of things that went into the championship.To win the state championship in Nebraska, one has to win three games in a designated district and three games in the state tournament. That is a hard mental task as well as physical one. Somewhere along the way you try to develop that mental toughness it takes. We try to teach that in every game, or set of games, there will be good and bad moments. You have to fight through the bad times. This certainly proved true in our final two games in Lincoln. In both games we started very poorly but didn’t let that destroy our performance for very long.I have always felt that the days preceding big games are when you win, not the day of the game. If you wake up in the morning of the game and haven’t given much thought to it, then it is too late. Mental preparedness is so important.The day of the championship game, many things naturally go through your mind. I can remember John Wooten, of UCLA fame, saying one time before a national final, that “sometimes you can want something to much.” I am afraid I fell into that category. But the way things worked out, it couldn’t have been nicer for all involved. As I was passing out the winners’ medals I felt that all the young men who had ever played for Mount Michael were standing there and I had medals for them.

It was truly a victory for your school and for all those who had ever contributed to our school.

Record: 20-1
65-44 Bennington
44-42 Wahoo Neumann
40-49 Gretna
58-35 Wahoo
58-32 Fremont Bergan
72-27 Yutan
50-40 Columbus Scotus
63-46 Blair
69-41 South Sioux City
55-40 Boys Town
60-47 Louisville
66-25 Arlington
59-24 Plattsmouth
59-36 Waverly
50-44 Om. Cathedral

District Tournament
71-44 Om. Ryan
54-50 Platteview
55-54 4OT Gretna

State Tournament
61-42 Lexington
43-38 Hartington CC
56-45 Fairbury