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1992 State Soccer Runner-Up

‘Little’ Schools Come Up Big in State Soccer Field
Credit: World-Herald Staff Writer
Omaha World Herald; May 15, 1992

Elkhorn Mount Michael won its boys district to reach state in soccer for the first time.

Mount Michael’s emergence as a soccer program enhances an athletic program known for Jim “Killer” Kane’s state-championship football and basketball teams. The school has about 160 students.

Lack of respect, Co-Coach Michael Ronhovde said, hasn’t been a problem.

“A lot of our kids have played with those from the other schools in the club season,” Ronhovde said. “It’s not been that big a concern what other people are thinking.”

“We centered around this senior class because there’s so many of them,” Ronhovde said. His four-year starters are goalkeeper Ryan Moody, Jude Beller, Nate Cuka and Jeff Larson.

They missed out on the state tournament last year. Omaha Creighton Prep, which won the first two state titles and was a club-soccer power before that, beat them 2-1 in the district tournament.

“State was a goal of ours starting last season,” Ronhovde said. “That game last year may have a little bit of effect. Our players think it was a sore loss. It’s coming back now. It didn’t bother us much during the season, but playing them again brings it back.”

The Knights lost 2-1 to Omaha Central in Overtime. Omaha Central’s only loss during the regular season was to Mount Michael.