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2015 Academic Decathlon State Champions

Left to Right: Adam Terasinki, Dave Cormier (Coach) Jared Mikuls, Jon Collins, Jacob Bova, Alex Hotovy, Cade Johnson, Max deMayo, Michael Fischer, Broden Kaps, Jacob Raemakers, Walt Wear, Andrew Ahn

The Mount Michael Knights reign as the 2015 small school Academic Decathlon State Champions. The competition was held at the University of Nebraska Omaha campus.
This year’s Academic Decathlon theme was New Alternatives in Energy: Ingenuity and Innovation. Schools of all sizes competed simultaneously. The final event was the Super Quiz. Mount Michael won the Small School division.
In the competition each team is divided into 3 levels according to GPA. The three levels are Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity. Each level is then represented by 3 members of the team.

individual medals

Jonathan Collins: 1st in Economics, Lang/Lit, Math, Science; 3rd in Art and Music; 1st overall honors
Broden Kaps: 1st in Economics; 3rd in Speech; 3rd overall honors
Max deMayo: 1st in Economics, 2nd in Literature; 3rd in Math
Alternate Honors:
Andrew Ahn: 1st in Soft Science and Humanities; 2nd in Hard Science

Jared Mikuls: 1st in Art, Econ, Lang/Lit, Math, Music, Science; 2nd in Speech, Essay; 1st overall scholastic
Alex Hotovy: 1st in Science; 2nd in Economics, Lang/Lit, Music; 3rd in Art; 2nd overall scholastic
Adam Terasinski: 1st in Essay; 2nd in Art; 3rd in Economics, Literature, and Music; 3rd overall scholastic
Alternate Scholastic:
Jacob Bova: 1st in Soft Science, Hard Science, and Humanities

Jacob Ramaekers: 1st in Art, Lang/Lit, Science, Speech, Essay; 1st overall varsity
Walter Wear: 2nd in Lang/Lit, Music, Speech; 3rd in Art, Economics, Science, Interview; 2nd overall varsity
Michael Fischer: 2nd in Art, Economics, Lang/Lit, Interview; 3rd overall varsity
Alternate Varsity:
Cade Johnson: 1st in Soft Science, Hard Science, and Humanities


First place in Super Quiz
State Champions




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