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2015 Robotics State Champions

Knight Shift Team Members: Nolan Gottsch, Nolan Huetter, Nick Huetter, Reilly Jackson

Knight Shift took first place to become Mount Michael’s first State Championship winners! They were also awarded the state driver’s skills award for the top driver in the state, Nick Huetter. In addition, Knight Shift was awarded the event’s Presidential Award for overall excellence both on and off the field.

They also qualified for a spot at the US National Competition at the Mid America Center in Council Bluff, Iowa and the Vex World Competition in Louisville, Ky, At the World Competition there were five divisions at the high school level, each with 90 teams, for a total of 450 teams competing from all over the world. Knight Shift made it to quarterfinals. They also finished in 15th place in the WORLD in robot skills and in 7th place among United States teams,

Also competing at the World Competition were the Talladega Knights: Chase Goddard, Will Fleissner, Blake Worsham, Ethan Tylski and Lukas Williams. They finished in 18th place in their division. They finished in 50th place in programming skills.