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Knights 3-Peat as Small School Acadeca Champions!

Back row: Max deMayo, Matthew Thiele, Luka Mixan, Mr. David Cormier (Coach) Middle Row: Jackie Wu, Henry O’Callaghan, Broden Kaps, Front Row: Andrew Ahn, Jacob Bova, Kevin Arul, Jacob Ramaekers, Michael Fischer, Walter Wear

Individual Medals

Broden Kaps: 1st Essay, 2nd Math, 3rd Speech & Econ; Team High Score; 2nd overall honors
Henry O’Callaghan: 1st Music; 2nd Econ & Lit; 3rd Art & Science; 3rd overall honors
Andrew Ahn: 3rd Art & Music
Alternate Honors:
Matthew Thiele: 1st Hard Science & Soft Science, 2nd Humanities

Max deMayo: 1st Math, 2nd Art, Econ, Science, & Essay; 3rd Lit; 1st overall scholastic
Luka Mixan: 1st Art, Econ, Science, & Essay; 3rd Lit & Music; 2nd overall scholastic
Jacob Bova: 1st Music & Interview; 2nd Math, 3rd Art, Science, & Essay; 3rd overall scholastic
Alternate Scholastic:
Jackie Wu: 1st Hard Science & Soft Science, 2nd Humanities

Jacob Ramaekers: 1st Math & Speech; 2nd Essay, Art, Econ, Lit, & Music; 3rd Science, 1st overall varsity
Walter Wear: 1st Econ, Music, Science, Essay, Interview; 3rd Art & Math; 2nd overall varsity
Michael Fischer: 1st Art & Lit; 2nd Science; 3rd Essay & Econ; 3rd overall varsity
Alternate Varsity:
Kevin Arul: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science, & Humanities

58 subject medals won out of 90 possible
• 25 gold
• 16 silver
• 17 bronze


Second place in Super Quiz
State small school Champions

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