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All Division Nebraska State Champion! National Qualifier!

3rd Place at Nationals; Small School (<650) Division

For the first time in Nebraska history a Small School Division team has won the overall State Championship of Nebraska. On April 22-25, 2017 Mount Michael will represent our state at the national competition held in Madison, Wisconsin.

The theme for the 2016-2017 Academic Decathlong was World War II. The 10 events were Essay, Speech, Interview, 6 Written subject tests on Art, Music, Economics, Literature, Science, Math concluding with the public Super Quiz on the Top of World War II.

Mount Michael swept the small school division for top scorers on all levels. Honors Henry Callaghan, Scholastic: Jackie Kure, Varsity Kevin Arul.

In the Super Quiz the Knights tied for 1st with Omaha Burke.

Individual Medals

Henry O’Callaghan: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Science, Essay; 2nd Math & Speech; 3rd Music; 1st overall Honors; Team High Score
Gerald Righter: 2nd Art, Econ, Science, Essay; 3rd Lit; 2nd overall Honors
Broden Kaps: 1st Math; 2nd Interview
Alternate Honors:
J.P. Jensen: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science, and Fine Arts

Jackie Kure: 1st Econ, Math, Interview; 2nd Science; 3rd Lit; 1st overall Scholastic
Joe Coldiron: 1st Science; 2nd Interview & Math; 3rd Econ; 2nd overall Scholastic
Donovan Clements: 1st Art & Lit; 3rd Econ & Science
Alternate Scholastic:
Cole McCoy: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science, and Fine Arts

Kevin Arul: 1st Math, Music, Science, Speech, Interview; 2nd Lit; 3rd Art & Econ; 1st overall Varsity
Luka Mixan: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Essay; 2nd Speech & Interview; 3rd Music & Science; 2nd overall Varsity
Jackson Panzer: 3rd Speech & Lit
Alternate Varsity:
Cole Dorfmeyer: 1st Hard Science & Soft Science; 2nd Fine Arts


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