School Board Members

Tim Connolly (Chair)
Feng Gao
Tom Hastings
Linda Hitzemann
Marty Hosking
Sara Kenny
Maggie Knight
Mark Lanspa
Abbot Michael Liebl OSB
Jerry Rauterkus
Bro. August Schaefer OSB
Fr. Louis Sojka OSB
Dr. Pat Sullivan
Shelly Wedergren
Dr. BJ Wilson
Dave Wilson

Non-voting staff members:
Dr. David Peters
Matt Hoppe
Thomas Maliszewski
Other staff attending:
Dave Cormier
Melissa Gathje
Jim Lewis

Mission Statement

Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic college preparatory residential / day high school rooted in Benedictine values for young men committed to excellence. Students develop spiritually, intellectually, and socially through the comprehensive curriculum and communal experience to become future leaders.

Board of Directors’ Vision Statement

Ensure that:

Mount Michael is on solid financial footing and generating enough revenue to repay monies loaned from the monks’ retirement funds

Mount Michael always embodies, and incorporates into the lives of each student attending Mount Michael, the Rule of Saint Benedict

Mount Michael’s facilities are on par with peer institute facilities

Mount Michael’s average standard achievement test results continue to be the highest among its peer institutes

The Board operates as a high performing, highly ethical team and is staffed by professionals who actively participate in, and contribute to, Mount Michael’s success

The Board follows a strategic plan that is constantly reviewed and altered as the environment changes

Board of Directors’ Role and Responsibilities

Create Board and School operating policies

Carry out Mount Michael’s mission of educating young men

Contribute to Mount Michael’s bottom line by:
Contributing time and expertise
Identifying outside funding sources
Providing direct financial support

Attend and be prepared for board and committee meetings

Argue positions, not personalities

Share ‘left hand column’ thoughts

Maintain confidentiality

Avoid conflicts of interest

Communicate activities to appropriate leaders

Enhance Mount Michael’s public image

Recruit other volunteer members