Class of 2016 Accomplishments

Class Size: 56
ACT Score: 28.5

The 56 boys of the Class of 2016 were accepted at 69 colleges in 28 states and will beattending 27 colleges in 13 different states; with 43% going out-of-state and 39% top private colleges. Thirty-two boys will be attending nine different colleges in Nebraska.

There will be nineteen boys attending UNL. Rockhurst has the second most at six.

You may wonder, “Why are so many boys going to UNL?” Thirteen of them earned the Regents Scholarship at either UNL or UNO. Another five earned the 2nd level Chancellor’s scholarship at UNO or The David Distinguished scholarship at UNL.

And maybe the most astonishing thing of all about the academic achievements of this class is that 18 (or 32%) of were offered a Full-Tuition scholarship of some kind.

As amazing as this sounds, the reality is even better, because these numbers do not include the academic success of our International students, as they are not eligible for these U.S. scholarships and they are some of our top students.

The Class of 2016 was offered $ 6,646,908 of scholarship dollars. Last year’s class,with the same number of graduates, earned a then record $5.2 million. Two-thirds of the boys will be using scholarship money for the institution they will be attending which is more than $2 million.