Academic Decathlon

The Nebraska Academic Decathlon promotes academic growth, teamwork, and communication skills among students of all achievement levels through statewide and national academic competitions.

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2018 State Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon team reigns once again as the Nebraska Small School State Champion. This is the Knights’ 5th consecutive championship.

Left to Right: Cole Dorfmeyer, Riley Goddard, Daniel Davies, Temi Adeyemo, John Ackerman, Jackson Panzer, J.P. Jensen, Donovan Clements, Sam Peters, Gerald Righter, Shin Fujita, Dave Cormier, Eileen Sullivan

First place in Super Quiz
State Small School Champions
3rd overall in the state


Medals from the State Competition

February 16-17, 2018
J.P. Jensen: 1st Econ, Math, Music; 2nd Art, Science; 1st overall Honors; Team High Score
Gerald Righter: 1st Art, Lit, Essay; 2nd Econ, Music, Speech;  2nd Overall Honors
Sam Peters:  1st Math; 3rd Speech
Alternate Honors:
Temi Adeyemo: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science, and Humanities

Daniel Davies: 1st Math, Speech; 2nd Interview, Art, Lit; 3rd Econ; 2nd overall Scholastic
John Ackerman:  1st Econ; 2nd Lit, Science; 3rd Art, Math
Shintaro Fujita:  1st Math; 3rd Econ, Lit

Donovan Clements:  1st Art, Econ, Lit, Music, Essay; 2nd Science, Speech; 1st overall Varsity
Riley Goddard:  1st Math, Music, Science; 2nd Art, Econ, Lit, Essay; 2nd overall Varsity
Cole Dorfmeyer:  2nd Music; 3rd Art, Math; 3rd overall Varsity
Alternate Varsity:
Jackson Panzer:  1st Humanities & Soft Science; 2nd Hard Science

2018 National 4th Place Division IV @ Frisco, Texas
2018 State Champions
2017 National 3rd Place @ Madison, Wisconson

2017 All-Division State Champions, National Qualifier
2016 State Champions
2015 National 3rd Place (Online Competition)
2015 State Champion
2014 National Runner-up (Online Competition)
2014 State Champion
2013: State Runner-Up
(2013 was Mount Michael’s 1st year of competition)