Participation in journalism will help you develop good writing, research and interview skills. You also learn page layout design and techniques for both newspaper and yearbook, and photography techniques. There are also opportunities for practicing your broadcasting skills for football, basketball, baseball and soccer, and headline writing. Most importantly you learn to work together as a team, to teach and assist each other, to organize your activities so as to meet deadlines, and most of all you develop leadership through goal-setting and encouraging each other to produce the highest quality work that you can.

Journalism students are responsible for producing the school’s monthly newspaper “The Mount” and the yearbook “The Seeker.”

As a team and as individuals students compete in the JEA (Journalism Education Association) competition in November. At the end of February, we compete in the NSAA state journalism competition. There are 33 categories available and the twelve best entries in each category are asked to compete at the all-class competition in May.

How to Sponsor a Page

The Knight Writers have won
6 State Championships & 2 Runner-up

Journalism Online Publications

The Mount Online
The Mount Michael Journalism YouTube Channel
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