Mount Michael offers a robust 7-Day international program. Because we had to close our school, this program was significantly impacted. However, through the generosity and care of our local families, all of our international students have been welcomed into their homes for the remainder of the school year. Some students have decided to travel home for the remainder of the year, but they are still 100% committed to completing their Mount Michael coursework online. Recently, Mount Michael was highlighted by a local news channel in recognition for this response. You can view this video spotlight here.

International Students

At Mount Michael Benedictine, students come from many different schools in Nebraska and the United States and from many different countries. This mix of students represents a variety of cultures and traditions. International students have the opportunity to live and learn within a safe, supportive and academically-enriched environment as they prepare for college. In addition, students will get a first hand understanding of American culture and create life-long friendships.

Why Mount Michael Benedictine?

Because of Mount Michael’s Benedictine foundation, the school believes that every young man needs the gift of challenge to reach his full academic potential. Mount Michael Benedictine provides the solid, core college prep curriculum that competitive colleges and universities demand. Classes are small and every student’s progress is monitored closely. The motivated student body and strong faculty work closely together to create an atmosphere of academic intensity. This is the Mount Michael Benedictine advantage.

I-20 Document

Mount Michael Benedictine School issues an F-1 visa to allow international students to apply for a student visa. Mount Michael Benedictine has extensive experience in assisting students from many different countries to earn visas. Students who are accepted will receive a packet that will include the I-20 document along with other information and forms to complete the registration process.


Use Omaha Eppley (OMA) when scheduling arrivals and departures. Mount Michael Benedictine will provide transportation to and from the airport when arrival and departure times are scheduled appropriately. Please provide your travel information to the seven day residential dean as soon as it has been scheduled.

Payment Options

Contact the Business Office (lsojka@mountmichael.org) for information on tuition payment, deposits, application and test fees.

International Student Application Process

Students must submit an application form, $100 application fee, photo, official copy of transcript, school and personal recommendation forms, an admissions essay and a TOEFL (80+), a Mount Michael entrance exam for freshman, and an iTEP (4.5+) or SSAT test score. International students will also have to complete a Skype Interview.

Class of 2018

*xMing Hint Chui is the son of Ling Xin and Shun Cheung Chui of Shanghai, China. Alvin has received offers of admission from the University of Michigan, the University of California, San Diego, Boston College, the University of Virginia, and Purdue University. Alvin will attend the University of Michigan where he will study Computer Science.
xZhouyu Dong is the son of HongLin Dong and Yun Zhou of Taiyuan, China. Oscar has received an offer of admission from Pennsylvania State University, where he will attend in the fall and major in Biomedical Engineering.
*Hanool Kim is the son of Jaesung Kim and Young-Mi Lee of Ilsan, South Korea. Jeff has received offers of admission from Pennsylvania State University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jeff will attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and major in Industrial Engineering.
xIan Kim is the son of Jin Myung Kim and Hea Jeung Paik of Seoul, South Korea. Ian has received offers of admission from Binghamton University SUNY, Strong Brook University SUNY, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Creighton University, and California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. Ian will attend Binghamton University in the Scholars Program and major in Biomedical Engineering.
xZiyou Li is the son of Hehua Jia and Anqing Li of Guanzhou China. Leo has received an offer of admission from New York University, where he will attend this fall and major in Economics.
*Hoa An Nguyen is the son of Nhan An Nguyen and Phung Bach Hong of Vietnam. Jordan has received offers of admission to Gonzaga University, Boston University and Texas A&M University, where Jordan will be attending in the fall and majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Mingkai Sun is the son of Shuhong Sung and Rongle Wang of China. Jack has received an offer of admission to Boston University, where he will attend and major in Economics.

(*) An asterisk beside a name signifies students who are currently members of the National Honor Society.
(×) Signifies a World Herald Scholar – Top 4% of students in the State of Nebraska