Mount Michael Benedictine School & Abbey Photo Archive

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 Mixed Album this mixed album mostly consists of photos from around 2007 or earlier some are more recent.   The dates were confused by erroneous camera date stamps. 

Early Scrapbook Archive

The Scrapbook PDF files large. The files will open in a new window when they download.
Newspaper Articles are an important part of these scrapbooks
58-59 Scrapbook (32 MB PDF) – 78-83 Sports Scrapbook (84 MB PDF) – 83-86 Sports Scrapbook (45 MB PDF)
Photos from these scrapbooks are also in the photo archive

Early Photos Archive (1950’s-1980’s)

28 Early Sports Photos
58-59 Scrapbook: Photos Only
70’s roller skating
70’s Baseball
70’s Basketball (away)
70’S Basketball (Palace)
70’s Basketball District
70’s Basketball State
70’s Football
70’s Freshmen Photos
70’s Golf
70s Christmas
70’s Class Rooms & Dorms
70’s Mother’s Banquet
70’s Sandhills Recruitment
70s Snow Day
70’s Tennis
70’s Track Meet @MM
Track 1970s
70’s -80’s Andromeda Band
70’s-80’s Awards Banquet
70’s-80s Concert and Pep Band
70’s-80’s Class Rooms & Dorm
70’s-80’s Fall Festival
70’s-80’s Football
70’s-80’s Freshmen Year
70’s-80’s Graduation Mixed
70s-80’s Grounds
70’s-80’s Chapel/Mass
70s-80’s May Day
70’s-80’s Monks
70’s-80s Snowball Dance
70’s-80’s Snow Sculpture
70’s-80’s Start of Year Picnic
70’s-80’s Theatre
70’s-80’s Various
76 Halloween
Mid 70’s Prom
77 Graduation
79 Pope John Paul Des Moines
79 Prom
80’s Basketball
80s Classroom & Dorms (158)
80’s Football
80’s Graduation (2)
80’s Handball (3)
80’s Mass
80’s Halloween
80’s Tennis (3)
80’s Cross Country (5)
82 Basketball (14)
82 Graduation (10)
82 Monastic Professions (22)
84 Graduation (60)
84 Prom (22)
84-85 Basketball (26)
85 Annie Get Your Gun (28)
85 Graduation (19)
89 Freshmen Class (4)
Late 80’s & 90’s various photos
Camp 60’s-80’s
Jim Kane NU Baseball
Monks 70’s-80’s
Senior Class photos
State Championship Photos
State Basketball Tournament Teams
Camp Scrapbook photos


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