residential life Overview:

Mount Michael’s residential program is designed to complement our rigorous academic demands, and it provides the chance for learning life skills outside the classroom. The Benedictine value of community is lived to its fullest with students who live, eat, study, and pray together throughout the week.

Mount Michael’s strong history of residential life goes back almost fifty years. Many alumni name boarding as the defining part of their Mount Michael experience, and they maintain lifelong friendships with their classmates.


Through the close living quarters, structured environment, supervised study time, and a diverse student body, all under the leadership of our residential deans, boarding students learn:

  • How to live in community
  • Personal responsibility and independence
  • Time management

Students also have evening access to school facilities such as the gym, weight room, computer lab, and chapel. The entire 440-acre campus provides opportunities for hiking, running, and other outdoor diversions. Evening activities include everything from prayer and interaction with the monastic community to intramural basketball games, ultimate frisbee, and board game nights.

On most Wednesdays during the school year, the students’ families and friends are welcome to come out to campus between dinner and study hall. These Wednesday night visits provide a chance for students to catch up with their parents and eat some of their favorite food. With many families eating in the dining room, student union, or even picnicking outside when the weather is nice, it is also a great opportunity for parents to get to know each other and build an extended school community.

Dorms and Deans:

Each class is assigned to a particular dormitory, and a dean lives in each dorm to be accessible to the students.  Deans are responsible for daily supervision outside the class day, but they also act in loco parentis (in place of the parents) to aid in the formation of students into men who live according to Christian values.

Our residential staff works closely with the school administration, counselors, and teachers to stay aware of each student’s academics, discipline, and personal needs. They also communicate regularly with parents, both to highlight activities and life in the dorms and to address any problems that may arise.

Typical schedule:

The schedule for a boarding student on a typical day may look like this: