Photo of Students Cheering

Sophomores Rule Talladaga Palace 500

The sophomore class celebrates as School Champions

The annual Mount Michael Night of Knights was kicked off with a rally held in the Mount Michael Gymnasium, known as “The Palace”, with a friendly competition…

Logo for United States Academic Decathlon

Academic Decathlon Regional Champions.

Gerald Righter: 1st Lit, Art, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Music; 1st overall
J.P. Jensen: 1st Music, 2nd Lit, Art, Math, Econ; 3rd Science; 2nd overall

Alternate Honors:
Sam Peters: 1st Music, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Art; 3rd Lit; 1st overall

Photo of Students hauling books to New Building

Moving Day!

In the midst of finals week an afternoon was devoted to moving library books, computers, and science equipment, across the street to the new David “DJ” Sokol Learning for Life Building. It was amazing to see how…