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Athletics: Record Board
Student Life: Ping pong table
Student Life: Pilgrimage
Football: VICIS Helmets
Academic Decathlon: Nationals Trip
Sports/Activities: Striv Streaming Technology

Mission Statement & Support Statement

Following the charism of the gospels and the Rule of Saint Benedict, the Mount Michael Booster Club shall promote Mount Michael Benedictine School’s extracurricular activities, awareness of the school, sportsmanship, and Christian values.

Booster Club Scholarships

2020-21 Finn Murphy
2020-21 Ashton Schroder
2019-20 Ethan Gallant
2019-20 Benjamin Harris
2018-19 Dominic Cyr
2018-19 Landen Fogle
2018-19 Eric Kaps
2017-18 Ryan McMahon
2017-18 Mitchell Oberfoell
2017-18 Liam West

Booster Club Tailgate Party 2019 Photos

Opening of School Family Picnic

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President: Craig Stumpff
Vice President: Nicole Vossen
Treasurer: Jim Suing
Secretary: Sarah Torczon

Board Members

Class of 2021 Representatives
Jacque & Jason Brink
Sam & Dave Hohman
Katie Pelan
Chrissy & Andy Wilber
John and Deb Gustafson
Class of 2022 Representatives
Shelley and Jerry Rempe
Sarah & Kevin Torczon
Nicole & Justin Vossen
Class of 2023 Representatives
Joel and Lisa Brewster
Terry and Lisa Connealy
John and Colleen Dustin
Craig and Wanda Stumpff
Class of 2024 Representatives
Erin & Steve Albers
Emily & Eric Coldiron
Tom & Mary Kay Halpin
Molly & Craig Sall
Andy & Maree Schroder

Life Time Donors

Jude & Alexis Beller
Mark & Amy Bova
Jason & Jacque Brink
Kerry & Scott Brown
Nick & Lisa Bruggeman
Brian & Megan Busenbark
Eric & Emily Coldiron
Andrew & Connie Collins
Russ & Michaela Corey
Mike & Jill Danahay
John & Colleen Dustin
JJ Crouse & Lesley Brandt
Miles & Lynn deMayo
Scott and Amy Gutschewski
Kim & Lonnie Gates
John & Deb Gustafson
Brent & Jenny Harris
Justin & Kirsten Harris
Tom & Patty Hastings
Mike & Deb Karnish
Dan & Jill McGrane
Sean & Tracy McMahon
Rob & Brenda Miller
Marty & Vicki Palmer
Gabriel & Janell Ronk
David Saxby
Andy & Maree Schroder
Craig & Wanda Stumpff
Kevin & Sarah Torczon
Michelle Tagel & Troy Krasser
Mike & Michele Thompson
Bob & Cathy Van Haute
Justin & Nicole Vossen
John and Lindsay Wewel
Zarybnicky Family
Rob & Katie Zimmerman