Benedictine Mission/Pilgrimage Trips

March 14, 2022

Students working with nuns

Mount Michael Students: back row — Andrew Balch, Luke Wooten, Joe McNeil. Eli Walters, Ivan Chen Middle row — David Drews, John Balch, Colin Robb, Joon Youn Front row — John Davis, Wyatt Walters

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This year, 2022, Mount Michael was able to do Mission trips again. There were 3 of them— Norfolk, Winnebago/Macy, and Schuyler.

Norfolk involves the Benedictine Sisters, a Missionary community. They have missions all over the world. Their community also is involved with lots of work with Mercy Meals. MM students helped package over 5,000 dried food meals with the needy of the world while there.

Winnebago/Macy — this trip involves Native Americans, especially the Winnebago and Omaha Tribes. St. Augustine Mission was founded by St. Katherine Drexel. While there MM students met the grandson of Susan la Fleche — the very first Native American female doctor. MM students helped in the classrooms of St. Augustine Mission — the Benedictine sisters of Norfolk also do mission work there in Winnebago/Macy.

Schuyler — this trip involves another Missionary community — Christ the King Priory of Schuyler — besides operating a large Retreat House — these Benedictines raise funds for their missions all over the world as well.

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