11 Students become Benedictine Oblates

At Vespers this past Sunday, ten students professed their oblation before a gathering of family members, monks, and fellow Oblates both student and adult.They read their Oblation before the Abbot and then sign their document and placed it upon the altar. Afterwards a reception was held in the Monastery.

Abbot Michael poses with new student oblates in front of the DJ Sokol Chapel at Mount Michael Benedictine School

From left to right — back row —Henry Gnann, Andrew Carleton, Quinton Mohr, Abbot Michael, Gerald Righter, Sebastian Cardenas, Andrew Skaggs front row — Ben Rempe, Wyatt Walters, Marc Fayad, Ben Quinlan, Ian Miller

To the Right: Henry Gnann signs his oblation on the Altar. To the Left Andrew Skaggs reads his oblation before Abbot Michael.