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Library Hours

M-W-F 7:55 am – 3:30 pm
Tues & Thurs, 7:55 am – 4:00 pm

Checkout & Fine Policies

  • Books may be checked-out for 15 school days. There is a 10 cent per day charge for overdue books. (10 items can be checkout maximum)
  • CD’s & DVD’s may be checked out for 5 school days. There is a 10 cent per-day overdue charge for CD’s & DVD’s.
  • Special Due dates may be arranged on an individual basis.

Misplace your library card?

Need database ID’s & Passwords?

In Sycamore you may print out a generic library card with the library Database ID’s & Passwords.
After logging into Sycamore  Look at the “Featured” section on the homepage.  The library card is listed under the “Documents” tab
Open the file and print it

Nebraska Access

The Nebraska Library Commission provides all Nebraska Citizens access to numerous databases through funding provided by the State of Nebraska.

To use Nebraska Access Databases all you need is your Nebraska Driver’s License # or a password provided by your Nebraska Library.

Nebraska Access

Many of the database on this page are available through Nebraska Access as are some additional databases.

The Following Database require Mount Michael Specific IDs & Passwords when off campus.
ProQuest Research Library Prep

Research Resources

Literary Database

Bloom’s Literature

Magazine Articles for Research MasterFILE

Ebooks for Research

Ebsco eBooks (40,000+ Shared collection)

Search Multiple Databases

Search Multiple Ebsco/Nebraska Access Databases at one time.

Biography & Geneology

Biography Reference Bank

Biography Reference Center

My Heritage

Other Databases

Points of View

Science and Technology

Consumer Health Complete

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopeida