Boarding at Mount Michael

Mount Michael Benedictine has a long tradition of being a boarding school. From it’s conception in 1970, the Monastic community has used it’s resources and abilities to be a residential high school. Our residential program has included students from 34 different countries as well as students local to the Omaha community. Our current boarding program includes 103 students. When students are boarding they have the opportunity to explore 440 acres of land including a 9-hole disc golf course as well as a variety of hiking trails through grasslands and woodland areas. Students can often be found playing ping-pong, shuffleboard, in the weight-room or playing video games after school.

A typical day for a boarder is listed below:

6:30-7:30 AM – Breakfast is served
7:55 AM-3:24 PM – Classes are in session
3:45-5:30 PM – Sports practice, activities, or free time for those not involved in an activity
5:30-6:30 PM – Dinner is served
6:45-8:15 PM – Study Hall, all boarding students participate in an hour and half long study hall each night on campus. Freshman study hall is proctored by a residential dean and takes place in the study room. Sophomore-senior study hall takes place in their dorm rooms.
8:15-10:15 PM – Free time
10:15 PM – Class prayer and bedtime

A video of our current freshman dorm is posted below:

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