ACADECA: Nebraska State Champions

Left to Right: Michael Mullin, Tucker Cudmore, Mike Kremer, Luke Wooten, Matt Geary, Addison Cousin-Hardrick, Andrew Hartin, David Drews, Jack Giitter, Will Mallisee, Sam Lund, Tharein Potuhera

For the 7th Straight year Mount Michael scholars have come home with a state championship.   This year’s topic was Medicine. They will now continue on to a National Online Academic Decathlon competition that will take place in late April.  Congratulations and good luck in the National Competition.

Medals from the State Competition

February 21-22, 2020


Tharein Potuhera: 1st Interview; 2nd Econ, Lit, Math, Science; 3rd Art, Music, Speech, Essay; 2nd overall honors; Team high score
Michael Mullin:  1st Math; 3rd Econ, Science; 3rd overall honors
Matt Geary:  1st Econ

Alternate Honors:

Tucker Cudmore:  1st Fine Arts & Soft Science; 2nd Hard Science


David Drews:  1st Art, Lit; 2nd Econ, Math, Music; 3rd Essay, Interview, Science; 1st overall scholastic
Sam Lund:  1st Econ, Music; 2nd Lit, Science; 3rd Art, Math; 2nd overall scholastic
Luke Wooten:  2nd Speech; 3rd Science

Alternate Scholastic:
Andrew Hartin:  1st Hard Science & Soft Science; 2nd Fine Arts


Jack Giitter:  1st Essay, Interview, Econ, Lit; 2nd Speech, Music; 3rd Art; 1st overall varsity
Addison Cousin-Hardrick:  1st Speech, Econ, Math; 2nd Art, Lit; 3rd Music; 2nd overall varsity
Will Mallisee:  2nd Art, Math, Science

Alternate Varsity:

Mike Kremer:  1st Fine Arts, Soft Science, & Hard Science


Second place in Super Quiz
State Small School Champions (7th straight championship)