Acadeca Scrimmage Medals

The Knight Scholars recently participated in their 2nd scrimmage of the year and earned numerous medals.  Go Knights!

Nick Coldiron: 2nd Music, 2nd Science
Michael Mullin: 1st Economics, 1st Music, 1st Science, 1st Soc. Studies , Team high score
Ryan Quinlan: 1st Soc. Studies, 3rd Music
Ben Rempe: 3rd Science
Ryan Tillotson: 2nd Economics, 3rd Social Studies
Rocco Zimmerman: 2nd Social Studies, 3rd Economics, 3rd Science

Jose Gaytan: 3rd Music, 3rd Science
Jack Giitter: 1st Economics, 1st Music, 2nd Social Studies
Andrew Hartin: 1st Science, 2nd Economics, 3rd Music, 3rd Social Studies
Henry L’Heureux: 1st Music, 1st Social Studies, 2nd Science

Mike Kult: 1st Science, 1st Social Studies, 2nd Economics
Will Nihsen: 3rd Economics
Liam Ostrander: 2nd Music, 3rd Social Studies
Jude Storch: 1st Economics, 1st Social Studies, 2nd Science, 3rd Music 

Callaway Deffenbaugh: 2nd Economics, 2nd Social Studies
Josh Palmer: 3rd Music, 3rd Social Studies
Aiden Ronk: 1st Economics, 1st Science, 2nd Music, 3rd Social Studies