AcaDeca Season Underway

The first scrimmage of the Academic Decathlon team occurred this past Saturday at Pius X High School in Lincoln. The Knight’s renaissance men had a very good showing winning numerous medals. The topics covered in this scrimmage were Math, Literature and Art.  This year’s topic for the National Academic Decathlon is “The 1960’s”

Medals from the Pius X Scrimmage

Temi Davies: 3rd Math
J.P. Jensen: 1st Math, 2nd Art
Sam Peters: 1st Math, 2nd Art, 3rd Lit, Team high score
Tharein Potuhera: 1st Art, 1st Lit
Gerald Righter: 2nd Art, 2nd Lit, 2nd Math

John Ackerman: 2nd Art, 2nd Math, 3rd Lit
Donovan Clements: 1st Lit, 3rd Art
Jack Larsen: 3rd Math

Riley Goddard: 1st Math, 1st Lit, 2nd Art,
Andrew Wilson: 2nd Lit, 2nd Math

Matt Geary: 1st Lit, 1st Math, 2nd Art
Dane Storch: 2nd Lit, 2nd Art