Course Offerings

Freshmen Required

Algebra I or Geometry Biology Theology English
Speech French or Spanish World History  Physical Education
Computer Applications

Freshmen Electives

Art Band Chorus Guitar Lessons
Robotics Intro to Engineering Writing Electives Intro to Theatre
Advanced Speech

Sophomores Required

Algebra II Chemistry Theology Computer Science
French II or Spanish II English II Government Economics

Sophomore Electives

Art Band Chorus Into to Engineering
Residential Engineering Guitar Lessons Writing elective Advanced Speech
Journalism I Robotics Strength & Conditioning Physical Education II
Intro to Theatre Honors Academic Decathlon

Juniors Required

American History or AP American History Theology English III or AP English Language
Physics Geometry or Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus College Planning

Juniors Electives

Art Chorus Band Guitar Lessons
Intro. To Theatre Robotics Honors Spanish III or IV Honors French III or IV
Cyber Security Physical Education Strength & Conditioning AP Chemistry
Environmental Science AP Bilogoty Sociology Nebraska History
World Relitions AP Psychology Honors Academic Decathlon Journalism I or II
Advanced Speech Intro to Engineering Residential Engeneering Writing Elective

Seniors Required

English IV or AP English Literature Theology European History or AP European History
College Planning Honors Physics AP Biology Anatomy/Physiology
AP chemistry Environmental Science College Algebra/Trig or Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus or Honors Calculus III

Seniors Electives

 Art Chorus Band Guitar Lessons
Intro to Theatre Robotics Honors Spanish IV Honors French IV
Cyber Security  Physical Education Journalism Personal Finance
Strength & Conditioning Honors Academic Decathlon Sociology Nebraska History
World Relitions AP Psychology Writing Elective Advanced Speech
Intro to Engineering Residential Engineering

*All students enrolled in AP classes MUST take the AP test, unless they are taking the class for dual enrollment college credit.