Athletes use past performances as motivation in weight room

Jack Sorensen

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by Jack Sorensen ’21

Cling. The sound of the metal bat firm­ly striking the baseball rings through­out the weight room. Offseason baseball training is already underway for those looking to get a leg up on their compe­tition in the spring, even though the offi­cial season will not start for another four months.

“It’s really important that we lift weights and practice our swings so that, when the time comes, we’re ready,” varsity pitcher Matthew Collins ‘21 said.

Matt Collins ’21 Off season conditioning in the weight room

While weightlifting may not appear to be an integral piece of baseball training, it helps with a variety of skills, especially pitching and hitting.

“Every little bit helps,” Collins said. “One of my goals for the offseason is to get more power in my swing and lifting is going to help me do that.”

After last year’s state tournament ap­pearance, Collins is committed to im­proving his game in hopes of another opportunity.

“Last year, I got to play in the state tournament, which was awesome,” he said. “Getting to play at Werner Park in front of everybody was a great experi­ence.”

Unfortunately for the Knights, their tournament run was cut short by Norris in a nail-biting 5-4 loss. Collins is using last year’s shortcomings as motivation to train harder and get stronger.

“Making it back to the tour­nament is why we’re here prac­ticing every day,” he said. “Making it to state and try­ing for the cham­pionship is what it’s all about.”

Although the returning varsity play­ers already have a taste of the success achieved through hard work, offseason training is still important to players on the reserve and junior varsity rosters. Outfielder Logan Whitcomb ‘21 also plays fall ball which provides a nice con­trast to the intensity of the regular season.

“Fall ball is really great,” he said. “It’s way more relaxed than the regular sea­son, so it’s a great way to enjoy the game and have fun with your friends.”

Whitcomb appreciates the fact that training is giving him an excuse to main­tain his cardio.

“We do lots of running to get faster and work on our agility,” he said. “It helps me stay in shape and be a better baserun­ner.”

Agility is a big part of offseason train­ing. Players spend lots of time working with ladders to practice their explosive­ness and quick response times when run­ning the base path.

“I love running the bases,” Whitcomb said. “The feeling of adrenaline is great, that’s why I practice. I want to get even better at it.”