Franciscan Pilgrimage


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Sunday, November 20, marked a Franciscan Pilgrimage for Sophomore Theology teacher, Ms. Ecker, Fr. John, John Farrell, David Schmitz, Cody Torczon and Blase Bosilevac.  It began at St. Bonaventure in Columbus, then moved up Hywy 81. All the Franciscan parishes of years ago were pointed out (St Joseph’s in Platte Center, St. Michael’s in Tarnov, and St. Mary’s near Humphrey). Most time was spent at St. Francis of Assisi in Humphrey — one of the main Franciscan strongholds of the past. The last stop before traveling back to Mount Michael was St. Michael’s in Albion, Nebraska. The pilgrimage began at Mount Michael with the Eucharist of Christ the King and ended will Evening Prayer of Christ the King at Mount Michael and a fine meal with the monks.