JEA Regional Journalism Contest

The journalism students participated in the Journalism Education Association(JEA) Regional Contest this month along with 30+ schools from all over Nebraska, including several large Class A schools.
The team took home several awards including two superiors, seven excellents, and seven honorable mentions.
Here are the results:

Brayden Whitaker ‘20-Entertainment Review Writing
Alex Schrier ‘20-Infographic Design

Jimmy Crotty ‘19 – Sports Action Photography, Review Writing
Cole Kalkowski ‘19 – Sports Action Photography, Advertising
Skyler Davis ‘19 – Broadcast Feature
Nolan Zeger ‘19 – Newswriting
Brayden Whitaker ‘20 – Newswriting
Kevin Zhang ‘19– Illustration

Honorable Mention
Skyler Davis ‘19– Broadcast PSA
Joe Hitzemann ‘19 – Newspaper Layout, Headline Writing
Jacob Gathje ‘20 – Sports News Writing
Cole Kalkowski ‘19 – Illustration
Kevin Zhang ‘19 – Editorial Cartooning
In-depth team:
Mike Kremer ‘20(lead), Mason Matukewicz ‘20, Taylor Davis ‘19, Kevin Zhang ‘19, Jacob Gathje ‘20, and Cole Kalkowski ‘19- September issue: Getting Swole