Knight Scholars Claim “All Class” State Championship

The Academic Decathlon  not only claimed their 8th consecutive  small school State Championship they walked away with their 2nd All Class Championship.

The most significant individual accomplishment was that senior Michael Mullin was the overall highest score in the state.

They will represent Nebraska in the National competition (online this year) April 21-23.

Team Awards:

1st Place Super Quiz
Small School Champions
All Class State Champions


Medals from the State Competition

February 18-19, 2022


Nick Coldiron: 1st Sci; 2nd Lit, Interview; 3rd Econ, Music
Michael Mullin: 1st Speech, Econ, Math, Music; 3rd Art, Lit, Science, Essay;
                                Team High Score; Overall Top Score in the state
Ryan Quinlan: 1st Lit; 2nd Art, Econ, Sci; 3rd Math

Alternate Honors:
Ryan Tillotson: 1st Soft Science; 2nd Fine Arts, Hard Science


Jack Giitter: 2nd Mus; 3rd Sci
Henry L’Heureux: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Math, Sci; 2nd Essay; 3rd Speech/Interview
Aiden Ronk: 1st Econ, Mus; 2nd Math

Alternate Scholastic:
Jose Gaytan: 1st Fine Arts, Hard Science, Soft Science


Michael Kult: 1st Lit, Math, Spch, Interview; 2nd Art, Sci
Will Nihsen: 1st Econ
Jude Storch: 1st Art, Econ, Mus; 2nd Lit, Math, Spch

Alternate Varsity:
Connor McLain: 2nd Fine Arts, Soft Science, Hard Science


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