Knight Scholars Win State


Jack Giitter, Michael Mullin, Andrew Hartin, Ryan Quinlan , Jagger Hastings, Wyatt Walters, David Drews, Jose Gaytan,, Ryan Tillotson Luke Wooten, Online: Matt Geary and Michael Kult

Congratulations to the Academic Decathlon team for finishing as small school state champions! This is the 8th year in a row as state champs.

Individual medal results:


Michael Mullin: 1st Econ, Math; 2nd Lit, Mus, Sci; 3rd Art; 1st Overall; Team High Score
Ryan Quinlan: 3rd Econ
Ryan Tillotson: 2nd Econ; 3rd Lit
Alternate Honors:
Matt Geary: 1st Fine Arts, Hard Science, Soft Science


David Drews: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Math; 3rd Mus, Sci; 1st Overall
Jagger Hastings: 2nd Econ, Math, Essay; 3rd Speech, Art
Wyatt Walters: 1st Sci; 2nd Lit; 3rd Econ, Math; 2nd Overall
Alternate Scholastic:
Luke Wooten: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science; 2nd Fine Arts


Jack Giitter: 2nd Speech, Art, Mus; 3rd Lit, Math; 3rd Overall
Andrew Hartin: 1st Lit, Econ, Math, Mus, Sci; 3rd Speech; 2nd Overall
Mike Kult: 1st Art, Speech, Essay; 2nd Econ, Lit; 3rd Intrvw; 1st Overall
Alternate Varsity:
Jose Gaytan: 1st Fine Arts, Hard Science, Soft Science


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State Champions – Small Schools