Knight Writers Place 3rd at State

Knight Writers Place 3rd in Class B State Competition just missing 2nd by 6 points.

Individual Results:

Newspaper Column Writing – Jack Sorensen 3rd place
Editorial Cartooning – Sam Wooten 5th place
Editorial Writing
• Jacob Gathje 1st place,
• Alex Schrier 2nd place
Entertainment Review – Jason Nyamatore 7th place
Headline Writing
• Jacob Gathje 2nd place
• Alex Schrier 6th place
Newspaper Feature Writing
• Henry Hohman 1st place
• Kyle Pelan 8th Place
Newspaper News Writing – Alex Schrier 8th place
Newspaper Sports Feature Writing – Jacob Gathje 3rd place
Sports News Writing – Jacob Gathje 5th place
  Yearbook Sports Feature Writing – Jacob Gathje 7th place
Yearbook Theme Copy Writing – Brayden Whitaker 7th place
Info Graphic – Brayden Whitaker 8th place
In-depth Newspaper Coverage
• Alex Schrier, Jacob Gathje, Henry Gnann 1st place
• Alex Schrier, Brayden Whitaker, Henry Hohman 8th place
Newspaper Layout – Alex Schrier 1st place
News Feature Photography
• Griffydd Wyse 5th place
• Brayden Whitaker 8th place
Broadcast News Story – Griffydd Wyse, Henry Hohman -5th place
Broadcast Feature Story
• Griffydd Wyse, Henry Hohman – 7th place
• Jack Sorensen 8th place

Team Members that placed in the State Competition

Jacob Gathje

Henry Gnann

Henry Hohman

Kyle Pelan

Jason Nyamatore

Alex Schrier

Jack Sorensen

Brayden Whitaker

Sam Wooten

Griffdd Wyse