Knights dominate AcaDeca Regional

Left to Right: Jack Larson, Tharein Potuhera, Addison Cousin-Hardrick, John Ackerman, J.P. Jensen, Gerald Righter, Riley Goddard, Cole Dorfmeyer, Matt Geary, Andrew Wilson, Sam Peters, Coaches: Dave Cormier, Eileen Sullivan

Academic Decathlon
Medals from the regional competition
January 19, 2019


J.P. Jensen: 1st Art, Econ, Math, Music, Science; 2nd Lit; Team high score
Gerald Righter: 1st Lit; 2nd Art, Econ, Math, Science, 3rd Music
Alternate Honors:
Sam Peters: 1st Art, Lit, Math, Music; 2nd Science, Lit
Tharein Potuhera: 1st Math, Science, Econ; 2nd Lit, Music; 3rd Art


Donovan Clements: 1st Art; 2nd Lit, Math, Music, Science; 3rd Econ
John Ackerman: 1st Econ; 2nd Art; 3rd Lit, Math, Music, Science
Alternate Scholastic:
Matt Geary: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Math, Music, Science
Jack Larsen: 1st Math, Music; 2nd Art, Econ, Lit, Science


Riley Goddard: 1st Art, Econ, Math, Science; 2nd Lit
Andrew Wilson: 2nd Art, Math, Science; 3rd Econ, Music
Alternate Varsity:
Cole Dorfmeyer: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Math, Music; 2nd Science
Addison Cousin-Hardrick: 1st Science; 2nd Art, Lit; 3rd Econ, Music


Regional Champions
Second place in Super Quiz
69 medals won out of 72 possible
• 1st place: 33
• 2nd place: 25
• 3rd place: 11