Mission-Pilgrimage Trip

March 8, 2021

Photos by Aiden Frazier

Because of the pandemic, the mission-pilgrimage trip had to be abbreviated considerably and limited to only a few students. The trip happened on Monday, March 8. Five students participated, Nick Wehbe, Cameron Detwiler, Aiden Frazier, Wyatt Walters and Colin Robb.

This trip was definitely more a pilgrimage than a mission. It included meeting in Mount Michael’s chapel, St. Patrick’s in Fremont, Christ the King Mission House and Retreat Center in Schuyler, St. Bonaventure in Columbus, St. Michael’s in Tarnov, St. Francis of Assisi in Humphrey and finally visiting the Poor Clares on the north edge of Mount Michael.

At the Schuyler Retreat Center: Colin Robb, Wyatt Walters, Aiden Frazier, Cameron Detwiler, Nick Webbe