S.A.M.E Competition

On Monday, April 16 the Junior and Senior SAME teams participated in the 2018 S.A.M.E. Competition held at the Scott Conference Center on the UNO Aksarben Campus.  There were 18 area High Schools and 19 area Middle Schools.

Junior Team Design:

Dining and dorms in the Saint Benedict Building in the vacant areas created by the completion of the new David “DJ” Sokol Learning for Life Building.
Their project was the re-purposing of rooms left vacant in the original school building by the move to the new David “DJ” Sokol Learning for Life Building. The three areas they looked at were enlarging the current dining area on the first floor, turning vacant classrooms on the second floor into 4-man dorm suites and expanding the freshmen living area.

The Juniors won $500 and an Award of Distinction for their design.

Junior Team Photo

Those on the Junior Team were Cole Kalkowski, Sam Peters, Jarrett Cline, Quinton Mohr, Gerald Righter, and Aiden Pace.

Senior Team Design

Their project was planning an athletic Complex as the second phase of the Mount Michael School expansion.

Senior Team Photo

The Senior Team members were Jeff Kim, Nolan Huetter, Thomas Janacek, Nolan Gottsch, Will Fleissner, and Grant Pavlik.