Science Teams: Awesome Results at Field Days


The Physics Teams placed 1,2,3 at the Creighton University Field Day in Omaha

1st Place: Team Gold Foil

1st Place: Team Gold Foil

Photo of Cosmic Team

2nd Place: Team Cosmic Microwave Background

photo of team x-ray

Team: Cosmic Background Radiation
Chalk Talk: Max Nguyen
Laser Aiming: Jordan Nguyen, Max Nguyen
Quiz Bowl: John Kuhry, Max Nguyen, Oscar Dong
Insulation: Christian Mikulicz, Jordan Nguyen

Team: X-Ray
Chalk Talk: Trevin Detwiler
Laser Aiming:
Quiz Bowl: Trevin Detwiler
Insulation: Devin Luque, Gerald Righter
Catapult Building: Kevin Zhang

Team: Gold Foil
Chalk Talk: J. P. Jensen
Laser Aiming: Gerald Righter, Devin Luque, Harry Yin
Quiz Bowl: Kevin Zhang, Allen Cheng, J. P. Jensen
Insulation: Jimmy Crotty, Kevin Zhang, Allen Cheng
Catapult Building: Zane Li, Harry Yin, Devin Luque


The Chemistry Teams placed 3rd in both the upper and lower divisions at the Chemistry Field Day.

All Chemistry Team Members

Lower Division 3rd Place

Upper Division 3rd Place