The Mount Prepares for Remote Schooling


Teachers listen intently to directions on the use of online resources

Students Check-in to get supplies

On Monday morning Mount Michael’s faculty have gathered in the Study Hall for instruction on the use of various resources they can use to continue to instruct their students in their homes. In the afternoon they will begin to prepare their lessons.  They will continue to do so on Tuesday.

Meanwhile students will be coming out to Mount Michael to get the resources they will need.  Teachers have packets, books and other resources prepared for student to pick-up.   Only a limited number of students will be allowed in the building at a time to help everyone keep safe distances.

This is all new and there are bound to be bumps along the road.   It will be a bit like starting a lawnmower using a pull cord.  It might sputter a bit but after a few pulls it will roar to life and lessons will be mowed down daily.

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